So I’ve recently noticed many guys styling their freshly cut combovers on the streets of SA and after a little chat with my Hairstylist Abdul Joudi it seems to be the latest trending hairstyle out there! 

It’s not just the young lads asking for the famous hairstyle..Older guys too! What seems to work well with the “old fashion” cut is the combination of a traditional combover and a fader (blend of short to long on the sides and back). 

What’s most common (i’d say among the younger guys) is the famous ‘line’. If you’ve always wanted a ‘line’ but never plucked up the courage to cut one, i suggest you do it! It completes the style and gives you that chic and clean look.

A styling product that makes your combover sit perfectly and can even be restyled without the need of extra product application is the Schwarzkopf 3D Men Moulding Wax. It is priced around R180 and one tub is sure to last you a good few weeks if used sparingly! 
Looking for a suitable gents hairdresser to get this look? Contact Abdul @ Urban Men +27 (79) 9000012 

#FunFact: Combovers date back to the early 70’s. It was a hairstyle worn by men who were balding to cover up their bald patches.


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