Gentlemen, what’s your sock game looking like?

Please don’t tell me your closet drawers are stuffed with the boring white, black and navy conventional socks? If so, its time for change! One of the largest and fastest growing sock brands on the market is Happy Socks!

They offer a wide range of colourful pure combed cotton socks in classic paisley, polka dot and striped pattern designs. 

The coolest thing about Happy Socks is that they can be paired with almost any type of outfit. From your formal tux to a more casual jeans and sneaker type of attire, they add a statement to any look. Don’t forget, if you’re planning on wearing a pair of these funky socks, don’t hide them away! Cuff your jeans or chinos to show them off!

These are a personal favourite of mine.. I only own about 20 pairs! Alright, maybe more. 

Happy Socks are currently retailing between R119 – R179 a pair at Stuttafords, Fabiani, & Shelflife Sneaker store in Cape Town. If you feel the price is a bit steep “just for a pair of socks” as some would say, u can always opt for the cheaper competitor ‘ToePorn’ which retails at around 90 bucks. 

#FunFact: During the tenth century, due to the difficulty of production, socks were seen as a luxury item reserved for only the rich. 


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