If you’re from around the Cape you might have heard about unisex hairstylist Yaaseen Cader. Well he’s not just your ordinary stylist.

Yaaseen recently launched his all new brand #NoLabel (A launch event which i was bummed to miss). #NoLabel offers a wide range of exclusive mens apparel, from your popular jogger pants to classic tweed blazers and casual knit sweaters. 

Cader’s aim is to offer a superior haircutting service as well as exhibit his bespoke range of clothing to his clients all under one roof! Basically, a one stop shop. So you can be sure to leave his store looking dapperly done! 

Prices? Well Cader has done his research. The #NoLabel range is pretty much on par with the rest of the market offering affordable quality at a competitive price. I’ll definitely be making some extra space in my wardrobe for this collection.

Follow @KaderNoLabel on Instagram to view more of his pieces or pay him a visit at his studio 145 Sir Lowry Road, Foreshore.

#FunFact: Yaaseen started haircutting as a mobile service in Cape Town.



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