Apologies for having been awol over the past two weeks. Eid hangover lasted a little longer than expected and juggling between work, gigs and blogging isn’t always easy.

Gents, this one’s all about your blazer game.

So, I’m pretty sure almost every one of you have that one favourite blazer that you just grab on the way out to a dressy occasion, right?

Having one favourite is no problem, until you start looking the same at every function and well, people begin to notice. So to help you out I’ve put together three essential blazers that every gentleman’s wardrobe requires.


The Navy


This probably goes down as the most essential blazer to own. It pretty much matches almost any outfit and works for just about any occasion..A day at the office to your buddies bachelor party! Either way, its a wardrobe essential.

Breasted Squared 


This ones your more formal, double-breasted blazer. For a fancy affair or gathering, a double-breasted blazer is a must. You don’t need many, two or three should suffice. Keep the colours neutral so that it’s easier to match up an outfit.
The Basic


Keeping it casual. The Basic is your casual unstructured blazer generally with a creasy look. This blazer is the perfect grab-and-go on an ordinary day paired with an informal shirt or casual tee, and also works well with layering during icy Winter days. You’re sure to get the most use out of this one. A wardrobe must!

#FunFact: The name ‘Blazer’ was established after the first red boating jacket was made in the 1800’s. It was “bright and shiny”, hence the name.


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