Growing beards and beard styling has most definitely started becoming a major worldwide trend amongst gents these days. Not to say beards weren’t common earlier, but the fuss of styling and grooming ones beard has become a far more sought-after practice in today’s world.

So what’s your beard game looking like? 

If you’re sporting a beard and wish to maintain your full-on mane or tamed stubble, whilst ensuring your beard stays nourished and healthy, then investing in some premium beard care products is paramount. 

I’ve recently purchased The Gentleman’s Beard Oil to test out and am i glad i did! Made from all natural alcohol-free ingredients – a blend of Moroccan Argon oil, Jojoba oil and Grape-seed oil, The Gentleman’s Beard Oil is an impeccable product sure to groom you to perfection. 

What exactly does this product do? 

Having purchased a bottle just a few weeks back, i personally find the oil to soften my beard follicles and reduce beard itch while giving my beard a healthy, nourished shine! Not forgetting the amazing fresh woody scent the oil emits. 

Retailing at around R170 per 30ml bottle, you’ll definitely find it to be a purchase well made. 

Other products in The Gentleman’s Beard Club range include the Fresh Wood Beard balm, Beard soap, and Beard wash.

Cpt Stockists:

Crystal Bowtique Modest Wear 0723547519

The Barber Shoppe, Athlone 0745690530

The Gentleman’s Beard Club (National Courier) http://www.thegentlemansbeard.club

#FunFact: Wearing a beard can help filter out dust and pollen if you’re prone to allergies.


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