Many of us tend to spend way too much time, money and effort buying clothing that we don’t really need or at times can’t even afford. And let’s not lie, we’re all guilty of this.

Yes, we want our wardrobes furnished with the latest trending garments at all times but there’s some discipline that goes into shopping.

I’ve compiled some tips to help you shop smart.

Firstly, before even hitting the shops, a wardrobe clean-out is crucial. How often this needs to be done depends strictly on how frequent you shop. I clean out around thrice a year. The worst wardrobe any gentleman can own, is one cluttered with garments that never see the light of day.
• Jot down what you need. Paying a visit to the shopping mall knowing what you’re looking for really helps. No list made will see you leaving the mall with bags full of clothing that you don’t actually need! Guilty of this? Thought so.
• Set a Budget. Having no parameters around your spending isn’t at all a smart way to shop. Setting a budget helps prevent you from making frivolous purchases. Whether its a mere 100 bucks or 10k, set a limit for your shopping trip and stick to it.
• Try shopping alone. I’ve learnt that when shopping with fellow friends or relatives you tend to buy because ‘they’re buying’. This happens far too often and that’s when you end up with what i like to call “orphans” – items that don’t go with anything in your wardrobe, simply because you didn’t need it in the first place.

• ‘Sale’ shouldn’t mean ‘Sold’. We all love the sight of a ‘Sale’ banner, but remember it’s not a bargain if it’s not you, doesn’t fit nicely, you don’t love it, and you don’t need it badly. Only buy on sale if it’s an item on your list and it’s within your budget.

• Quality over Quantity. A phrase I strongly agree with. Rather opt to purchase higher quality items as opposed to cheaply made ones. Yes, they are often more expensive but will last a lifetime compared to their cheaper counterparts. For example, budgeting for a R700 pair of jeans is a much smarter choice than splashing the same amount of cash on three inexpensive jeans that will start fading and tearing before you know it. So if you’re able to afford it, why not?

I hope the above pointers help when on your next shopping spree. Any other tips you’d like to share? Feel free to comment below👇🏼

#FunFact: Escalators in shopping malls are placed strategically to force shoppers to pass the maximum number of storefronts. Buggers. 


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