Some say a well-tailored suit is best paired with a pair of dress shoes?
There’s no doubt that dress shoes compliment a suit well, especially if you’re attending a formal event such as a wedding or graduation ceremony, but ever since high-fashion brands started finessing their sneaker game, more gents are starting to experiment with the idea of suits & sneaks.

A trend most commonly seen on the runway, the sneaker suit combination not only looks great, but is sure to keep you comfy all day.

So, which sneaks should i pair my suit with?

There’s so much room for play when selecting a suitable sneaker. I’ve put together just a few sneakers that i find work best with suits.

Adidas Stan Smith

Simple & classic. Stan’s & suits are pretty much a match made in heaven!


 Neutral toned slip-on sneakers match just about any coloured suit in your wardrobe & will even save you some time getting dressed thanks to that lace-free front.


Yes, those skater sneaks! Come on, you’re sure to own one. If not, investing in a pair of these timeless kicks is a smart move.


The Classic Jack Purcell & Chuck Taylor All Stars – undoubtedly the most iconic sneaker in the world so it’s sure to work well with that tailoring. 

Yes, a pair of brogues work just as well with your sartorial staple, but at the same time pulling off a perfectly tailored suit with cool sneaks is one modern style statement that is sure to turn heads!


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