The Urban Beardsman Beard Balm is a luxurious creamy deep intensive treatment designed to help condition any beard at any length.

It’s the ultimate beard softener preventing itching, treating dry beards, and is best known to tame unruly or frizzy beards.

It’s perfect as an aftershave balm even if you don’t sport a beard!

Beat this, other than being the perfect beard balm, you can also use it to treat dry lips, heal nicks & cuts, treat razor burn, dry skin & minor skin irritations.

Gents, it doesn’t end there…

In addition to the Urban Beardsman Beard Balm, there’s another new and exciting range!

The Urban Beardsman Beard Oils

With it’s rich infusion of powerful ingredients, our oil range proves to be gold in a bottle to condition your skin and beard, stimulating healthy hair growth even on those patchy areas.

Be rest assured, our beard oils are suited for all beard types and are made from all-natural nontoxic ingredients.

Available in 3 variants:

• Everest Rush

• Urban Spice

• Forest Dew

Why choose Urban Beardsman?

• 100% Natural Products

• Does not clog pores

• Hydrates skin & hair follicle

• Promotes healthy hair growth

• Repairs damage

• Reduces dandruff on the beard area

• Softens the beard

Together these products work beard wonders and alone they are just as great, its’s all a matter of the urban man’s personal preference.

For the ultra grooming gentleman, Urban Beardsman also stocks a unique anti-static pocket sized beard comb to keep your beard intact all day. Perfect to keep tangles at bay!


Beard Oil @ R150

Beard Balm @ R150

Anti-static Beard Comb @ R120

Encased Double Dapper Combo Kit (inclusive of beard comb & beard oil or balm) @ R250

Full House Kit (inclusive of beard comb, beard oil & beard balm) @ R370

For orders or wholesale enquiries contact 0723547519

Instagram: @urbanbeardsmansa

Facebook: Urbanbeardsmansa

Or pop us an email @ urbanbeardsmansa@gmail.com


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