Mohammed- Rameez, born and raised in the beautiful Mother City, part-time singer and men’s fashion & lifestyle blogger of A Gentleman’s Wardrobe.

Extremely passionate about all things fashion, I started out blogging early 2015 with a vision in mind to create a space for all fashion enthusiasts to find their weekly dose of style tips and tricks.

A bit about my own personal style…

My forever changing wardrobe undergoes seasonal revamps influenced by what’s trending on the runway to the streets of SA – with my own personal touch of course.

I’ve gradually started adapting my sense of style by escaping from my comfort zones and exploring looks that are fresh, trendy and suave.

“A man always expresses his own style, but doing it with class & carrying it out with dignity is what makes him a true gentleman.”

My aim is to provide content that caters for every type of gentleman by writing over a wide range of looks – showcasing everything from street-style to your sleek tux.

I’ve recently decided to incorporate lifestyle into my blog, so my ardent readers can now expect much more than just fashion.


Yours in Style,



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